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What does our company do ?

MF Seals DOOEL import-export Skopje has been established in 2011 in Skopje. MF Seals is Daughter Company of MF Seals Belgrade and it is the general representative of the established European companies: Freudenberg Sealing Technologies from Germany, which includes the  Freudenberg Sealing Technologies company ( which includes the companies: Simrit, Merkel and Dichtomatik). Also companies: Bugmann Packings- Germany, DMH – Austria, Frenzelit and Stenflex – Germany, FMI and  Evoltex – Italy

The program is part of two parts: production and sales.


Quality seals are produced on the Seal Master CNC machine  – “custom made”

Every seal for hydraulics and pneumatics, wiper, guiding type, or some other seals from 6 mm to 500mm can be made on our machine immediately.

This production process is without making special tool or mold, the machine can craft every seal dimension, standard or nonstandard, dimensions in inches…

With this procedure we make seals from all known modern materials for seals: NBR, H-PU, EPDM, H-NBR, PTFE-BRONZE, FPM and others.


Production of precision static non asbestos flat seals in all possible geometric positions, in dimensions to 2500 x 1500mm. Seals have been produced on CNC plotter, that exclude the costs of tool and production time is very short. Maximum material is used with the “nesting” program (optimum position of the seals on the working board for maximum usage).

General representative of

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